Other African Countries

Extend your South-Africa experience and explore one of the following amazing places as well

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls are one of the world’s most impressive falls, situated on the Zambezi river, forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. They are 108m high and more than 1600m wide and are a spectacular breathtaking sight.                                                                                             


Namibia boasts remarkable natural sites such as the Etosha Pan, the Kalahari  and Namib desert and the Fish River Canyon Park. It has a rich wildlife and astonishing desert landscapes. Being a former German colony, cities have a surprisingly European feel to it. Visitors will feel very welcome here and we can assure you’ll have unforgettable experiences in this marvelous country.


Although Botswana is mostly known for its desert, it offers so much more. The Okavango Delta is of an amazing beauty and home to hundreds of bird species, hippos and crocodiles. Botswana is a prosperous country, taking care of its beautiful nature and local people. 40% of the country is dedicated to the wild life and national parks and reserves house most of Africa’s animal species with 36 species of mammals, more than 500 bird species and over 3000 different plants. You will love it!